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Excel Delivery Service has been servicing the Houston community and the surrounding areas since 1980.  We are proud of our history and the relationships we developed with our clients.  Here are some of the things our clients have to say about Excel Delivery Service.  Please feel free to contact us for a list of references.

“Excel Delivery Service saved the day. We had a time-critical parcel that needed to meet up with a passenger coming through the airport briefly. Excel met the logistic challenge. And we had a happy customer and his continued business.”

“Excel Delivery Service has never let us down. We’ve been more than pleased with the way they treat us and our important documents with professional care. I can never remember ever having problems with our urgent need deliveries, especially, especially with our highly sensitive legal documents.”

Excel Delivery Service truly understands the request for immediate delivery. Their response time is remarkable.”

“We highly recommend Excel Delivery Service to anyone looking for dependable service. Excel Delivery Service is unmatched!”

Excel Delivery Service consistently outperforms the competition. When our time critical parcels need to arrive someplace ‘pronto’, we call Excel Delivery Service. They help us keep our clients happy and increase OUR productivity.”

“Excel Delivery Service has all the right ingredients for customer satisfaction. Fortunately, we know we have their full attention and we as the customer are number one.”

We feel Excel Delivery Service has become a partner in our business. They make us look good with their dependable, on time, and modern delivery for our small but growing business. We could not due without them.”

“It’s time to have a professional delivery service like Excel to take care of your business. It’s wonderful to have a professional delivery service with a proven track record like Excel to take care of our business.”

“In today’s competitive marketplace, efficient transport of documents is vital to the success of any business. We know that counting on Excel Delivery Business is a SMART CHOICE for us.”

Excel Delivery Service has been a smart choice for our business. Our interactions with this company have been problem-free. I think it is their proven ‘can do’ attitude. A solution-oriented service that handles and monitors our deliveries is remarkable. We know they are working hard works for us.”

“Those ‘creative drivers’ at Excel have proven time and time again their ability to navigate Houston’s traffic gridlock to get our packages to their destination on time. We love it when our clients are pleased – Excel Delivery service does their part to make sure that happens.”

“Excel Delivery Service has become indispensable to our mid-size business. We count on Excel Delivery. We call them often and they are consistently dependable and ready to please.”

“Management, office staff, as well as their drivers take our need for urgent delivery seriously and have often come to our rescue! Other courier services we’ve tried have disappointed us.”

“Excel Delivery Service distinguishes itself as a premier service that stands our as a solutions-oriented company.”

“Excel Delivery Service always gives us peace of mind during our busy business days. We know that our small packages containing matters of importance is in good hands. Our orders have always arrived in good order and in a timely fashion.”

Excel Delivery Service couriers are thoroughly familiar with the Houston area. They are committed to delivering efficiently.”

“Every one of our contacts with Excel Delivery Service have been positive. Excel Delivery Services employees are professional and courteous. In a way, they are representing our company as well. It helps to know that their drivers and couriers know Houston and the outlaying areas as well. Their office staff knows how to track our orders quickly and are always available to answer questions. A great partner to have if you are in business in Houston.”

“Daily our business calls on service companies to help us get the job done. Excel Delivery Service’s willingness to please the customer is uncommon. They’ve consistently shown us exceptional service standards for the delivery business. We’re glad they are our delivery service.”

“Our endless search for the right delivery service for us ended when we discovered Excel Delivery Service. It’s a rare find!” 

“Excel Delivery Service employs experienced drivers, quality customer service representatives, dedicated dispatch assistants, even seasoned bicycle messengers who know the downtown Houston. Excel Delivery Services is a proficient team ready to go for us.

“We count on the ability of Excel Delivery Service to keep in close contact with their couriers. If we want an up-to-the-minute report about our transport, we’ve got it with Excel Delivery Service. It’s just one call away.”